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Chapter 1: Australia and its people

Australian People
Who are the indigenous people of Australia?

Australia’s first inhabitants were the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? They are what we call the Indigenous people of Australia…

What is known as “the First Fleet”?

European settlement of Australia commenced when the first 11 convict ships, which was known as the ‘First Fleet’…

Chapter 2: Democratic beliefs, rights and liberties

Democratic Beliefs
What is Australia’s system of government call?

Australia’s system of Government is a parliamentary democracy. This means that all citizens are involved in how the country is governed through elected parliamentary officials which meet regularly in Canberra…

What does it mean “secular government”

It means that there is no prescribed national religion…

Chapter 3: Government and the law in Australia

Government & Law
The leader of a territory government is called?

The leader at the state government level is called the Premier and the leader within a territory is called the Chief Minister…

Which house of the Parliament is called the “Lower House”?

The House of Representatives is also called the Lower House…